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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The trails are decent if you trailer to the trails.........A fair amount of base left on the trails and you should be able to get a decent ride.....

see you on the trails

Captain Mike

Friday, February 25, 2011


Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 2-25-11 12:30
BASE: Skinny-2Inches
PAST 24 Hrs: trace
CONDITION: End of Febuary Riding: Lots of Bare Roads Making getting around off trail toug

I went for a ride just seconds ago and other than getting around on some of the accesses trails around roads the trails are very rideable. There are a few bare spots but considering the time of year it is decent. We are supposed to get a few inches tonight, we did not get any of that snow to our south,,,some of our riders were here riding to the south and said it was fairly decent. Maybe hit Reed City and head south from Baldwin.
May be one of the last weekends of the year for riding, but Monday is looking like we are supposed to get dumped on

We will be having our mid-week special Sunday-Thursday. Stay 2 nights get the 3rd free.

Captain Mike


Thursday, February 3, 2011

2-3-11 Snow Report

Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 2-3-11 BASE: 2-6" PAST 24 Hrs: 10-18" Tue Night//Very Cold CONDITION: Probably the best in a couple years

I just got back from a ride to White Cloud and the trails are nice and groomed. Felt like I was riding in the rockies......We have a few cancellations because of the weather for the weekend, couple open rooms and cabins,, and this is a great time to take advantage of our Sunday-Thursday rent two nights get the third free.
We need to take the threat of the feds to close the national forest down to snowmobiling very seriously if you are at work wasting time please read this and follow through on the importance of riding in the National Forest and the little impact it has on it. We need to yell loud here. Please follow through and write the feds let them know how important this is.
Making Baldwin the Capital of Snowmobiling Again
See ya on the Trail,
Captain Mike

Monday, January 31, 2011

1-31-11 Snow Reort

Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 1-31-11 BASE: 2"-5" PAST 24 Hrs: Light Snow Showers CONDITION: Nice As of Today----Awsome after Tue Night

We are expecting the north side of the storm everyone south of here is freaking out about. Remember we have actual trails to ride on if you live down state and finally have some where to ride. Should be a great mid week ride. Take advantage of our mid-week discount Sunday-Thursday rent two nights get the third free. Book early for the best weekend of the season!!!!.
Captain Mike

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1-18-11 Fishing Report

Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 1-18-11 8:00 p.m.
BASE: 2"-6"
PAST 24 Hrs: 4"-6"
CONDITION: Best This Season

Sorry it took my so long I was doing the ultimate fishing show this weekend and enjoying some great fresh snow trails today. I hope everyone has the sleds dialed in for some good riding. Finally we have some good snow, the last batch we got put us over the edge and the trails are groomed and ready to go. We are doing the pay for 2 nights get the third for free. 103.88 for 3 nights Sunday to Thursday is a great deal, get up and stretch you sled out. East, South, West everywhere I went the trails were great. We have a few openings for this weekend so please call quick if your making plans. If you want to see pictures of the trails please check out our blog @

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1-13-10 Snow Report

Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 1-13-11 BASE: 0-3" PAST 24 Hrs: 0-2" CONDITION: Getting Better with the last couple days

Well Tue. Evening we got 2" of snow, Last night we got 1", and we are expecting 1-3" during the day today. This snow fills in the trails, and coats the roads making everything fairly nice. On the well used trails there are a few bare spots but things are not that bad. Very rideable, and I am sure much less traffic. Just west of here there is much more snow probably another 6-8". We have open rooms this weekend give us a call.
Captain Mike

Monday, January 10, 2011

1-10-11 Snow Report

Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 1-10-11 12:00p.m. BASE: skinny-2" PAST 24 Hrs: 0-1" CONDITION: Could have used the snow they were predicting from last weekend.

We still have rideable trails we have people riding right now but we could use some more snow. We had a fair amount of riders this weekend and some of the tight trails are bare and have some dirt showing through. As soon as the conidtions change for the better this week I will let you know.
It is for sure cold enough, we just need some preceptation
See ya on the Trail,
Captain Mike

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday 1-6-11 Snow Report

Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 1-6-10
BASE: skinny-3"
PAST 24 Hrs: 2" of L.E.S.
CONDITION: Very Ridable: We are Rebuilding from the Big Thaw Just Like the Rest of MI

I went on a big ride today from my place to Cadillac. On my way back home I found some skinny spots those were on some of the tight parts of the trail. The whole ride I went on 130 miles I only saw 5 sleds, so obviously the conditions were perfect. With the consistent lake effect we have been getting every day, the roads and back roads are in good shape to ride. If you're getting sick of watching your sled in the garage I think you could come up and have a good ride. If the weather report is correct we should have a great weekend ride with snow each day to coat the trails. Look for another 4-6inches by the end of the weekend.

See you on the Trail,
Captain Mike