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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Report By: Mike Baldwin Creek Lodge,
Baldwin Trail Report:
DATE: 12-29-12
BASE: Rideable
PAST 24 Hrs: 1-2"
CONDITION: They are not great but rideable

We just got a dusting of snow to coat the roads and blacktop where snow has burned off. Making things halfway decent as of this morning. Have customers that just go back from a 50 mile ride and they were happy they stayed here as the farther they got north the rougher the trails got. I will post as soon as anything changes 231-745-4401 Direct trail assess from our lodge we have open rooms for this weekend.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baldwin Trail Report:
DATE: 12-21 2;00 p.m.
BASE: Brand New Snow--Good After Freeze
PAST 24 Hrs: 5-9" Wet and Heavy Snow W/Rain
CONDITION: First "Rideable" Snow of the Year

Remember we had basically bare ground but I just went on a good ride clearing trails from the wet heavy snow high wind and rain we just had. There is water puddles in some of the trails hidden by snow but it's fun I rode all the way to Cadillac and they had more snow but the trails were a bit rougher because more people were riding. Plan your New Year's Fast because it's shaping up to be a nice tme and we are filling up See ya on the trail 231-745-4401

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3-7-12 Fishing Report

Mr. Tran was in full effect today....Great Work, Great Time!!!
With the wet heavy snow and wind this weekend we have numerous trees down, some sections are opened up but don't hesitate to bring a saw. The spring "run" as you would call it is on like donkey kong. Give us a call to get in front of spring steel....
See ya on the creek,,,
Captain Mike

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baldwin Trail
Report: DATE: 3-3-12
8:a.m. BASE: 1-4" PAST 24 Hrs: 6"wet heavy snow CONDITION:
Get your ride in this weekend, Trails are great
Wet Heavy Snow Last Night

We got some rain then
very heavy wet snow yesterday starting around 6:00p.m.,,,enough there are some
big branches down on the trails and the heavy snow has the trees waited down. It
is a very pretty winter wonderland this is the weekend to ride.
With a high of 31 today low tonight of 11, and Sunday a high of 27 low of 7
the base will freeze up nicely. We will have 4 great days of riding get up
before winter ends!!!! I saw 2 days of 45 degree weather starting Wed.get up
here this weekend!!!!!
We are located on the trail, with plenty of room for parking, I have a few
open rooms for Saturday and Sunday,,,
See ya on the trail
Captain Mike

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Baldwin Trail
Report: DATE: 2-25-12 BASE: 1"-5" PAST 24 Hrs: Another 5"L.E.S. Still Snowing!! CONDITION: Best Weekend Riding of The

If you have been
waiting for a Saturday to come up and ride today is it. We have 2 open rooms for
tonight give us a call....We will also have some great mid-week riding starting
Sunday rent two nights get the third free!!!!
The roads are completely covered with light L.E.S. snow bands so getting
around is a snap, and the trails are not that busy this weekend, by far the best
Saturday ride of the year. The rail-trail going from here to Clare is the best
it's been in years, a large band of snow dumped from here east to
Evart......Ride from here, plenty of room for the biggest of trailers,,,,
come enjoy Baldwin the snowmobile capital of MI....
See ya on the trail
Captain Mike

Friday, February 24, 2012


Report By: Mike Baldwin Creek
Baldwin Trail
Report: DATE: 2-24-12 12:00Noon BASE: ?-3" PAST 24 Hrs: 4" Wet Stuff
CONDITION: Nice For This
Year Get Up and Ride!

Finally enough snow to
really get the sled out!!! When things freeze up tonite the base will get iced
up and be great! Get your riding in before we have green on the ground!!
We have room specials for mid week riding ride two days stay the third free!!
See ya on the trail
Captain Mike

Friday, February 17, 2012


Baldwin Trail
Report: DATE: 2-17-12 9:00A.M. BASE: 1"2" Icy in the Morning
PAST 24 Hrs: A little warm
yesterday afternoon CONDITION: Spring Riding at it's best

We have customers
doing night moonlight rides the slushy trails freeze up and it's nice out there.
We don't have great conditions but as of this morning we have some people
I will keep you updated if you we get any more snow.
See ya on the trail
Captain Mike

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baldwin Trail
Report: DATE: 1-19-11 12:00 Noon BASE: 1-4inches PAST 24 Hrs: Another 4-8"
CONDITION: Great!!! Best of
the Season!!! Another 3"-6" of L.E.S. -Cold Temps/Good Base

Enough said, get up
and ride.
I went for a 79 mile ride this morning,,,wow it was great, less snow in the
heavily wooded areas. Cold weather and more snow predicted should make this the
weekend to ride especially with the predicted slight warm up next week. All
roads are snow coated making getting around very easy.,P> We have a couple
cancellations for the weekend book today. Rent 2 nights stay the 3rd night free
Sunday-Thursday. We have a ton of parking here for the biggest of rigs, RIDE
FROM HERE, direct trail access. We have trail systems going north, south, east
and west.
Come see why Baldwin used to be the snowmobile capital of MI.
Come to our website and see some pictures of the trails
See ya on the trail

Friday, January 13, 2012

1-13-11 Snow Report

Hi Guys well finally we have a great white weekend ahead of us. Shovel yourself out and ride the best trail system in Michigan. We have more rideable snowmobile trails than any county in MI. With a cold snap tonight that will freeze everything up and help the base on the trails. I just got back from a 40 mile ride in fresh powder the wet heavy snow has the trees droopy so watch yourself a bit on the trails.
We have open rooms this weekend and if your rent 2 you get the 3rd night free Sunday-Thursday