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Friday, February 27, 2009

2-27-09 Trail Report

Baldwin Trail Report:
DATE: Friday 2-27-09 @ 10:15a.m.
BASE: 1-8in. with and ice base
PAST 24 Hrs: Rain, sleet, l.e.snow right now
I just got off the trails. I went on a quick ride to Chase -Trail 30 East from Baldwin. Getting to the trails was fairly easy and other than some water that will soon ice up I think the trails are decent. I lot of riders this weekend on the trails would change things because of loosing some base but if you set up here as base camp and ride north and west of here you will have a nice weekend. For that matter although we lost some snow base we have a hard packed ice w/snow over trial conditions. We still have a couple last minute cancellations if you need a room
See you on the trail
Captain Mike 231-745-4401

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2-26-09 Snow Report

Baldwin Trail Report:
DATE: Thursday 2-26- 1;30 P.M.
BASE: 1.5"x12"
PAST 24 Hrs: Drizzle
CONDITION: 1-10- 6
Hi guys, I guess everything will hinge on what we get this afternoon and tonight. But if things stay the way they are we are in good shape for a good weekend of riding. I will post some pics when the trails change. The rain we had just packed the trails down and put out some bare pavement areas.......We have some rooms open for this weekend. We should be fine being were getting more snow and I think right know is the least amount of snow we will be getting and trails are more than worth riding. I will get back with you guys tomorrow early if we get snow See ya on the trail Mike 231-745-4401

Monday, February 23, 2009

2-23-09 snow report

Baldwin Trail Report:
DATE: 2-23-09 8:45
BASE: 2"-16" Depending on Where You are
PAST 24 Hrs: 2-5 iches powder
CONDITION: 1-10 (7)
Hi guys things are good around here again get up and get up here before the sled parks for the spring. Weekday riding up here means you may have virgin trails (no other sleds) the whole day,,,,,trails are decent and it's still snowing,,,,I will post pics later this week.... see ya on the trail Mike 231-745-4401

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 2-19-08

Well guys the trails are again not perfect but they are very ride able. I just went for a quick ride and other than some spots were the wind has blown some snow off the blacktop roads the trails are more than fine,,As you can see I took Trail 3 South to Brohman and had a virgin trail the whole way. That was a nice ride and the only reason I turned around was not because of trail conditions was I had to get back in the shop and get back to work. We did not get the dumping that we needed but this is a great place for base camp to ride. Were supposed to keep getting more snow and even in town on the road crossings they were covered (mostly because of the strong winds were are having blowing the snow around) . Just to the west and north of us got the majority of the snow but we have more than adequate trails considering the amount of sleds that are up here which is very few. Dodge the crowds this weekend and give us a call......We have a couple more rooms left for this weekend,,,save the miles driving and stop here...................In my opinion I think the trails will better here because there will be less traffic than north of here.............

See ya on the trail


Monday, February 16, 2009

2-16-09 Snow Report

Hi guys the trails are not perfect but they are worth riding and by the looks of the weather we should be set up for a good weekend coming up with the snow predicted. I went for a 85 mile ride today and never saw a patch of dirt, some of the crossings over roads had bare pavement but overall I thought it was very nice riding.
We have some openings for this weekend coming up,,,,,,Should be some solid riding
see ya on the trail

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 2-5-09

Base: 6-12 Trail Crossings are a little rough but overall the trails are great this will be a good weekend to come up......

Hi guys if you stay on the trial your fine getting gas in Baldwin, Irons, etc. can be a little tough but no more than anywhere in MI,,,,Just the crossings are bad the rest of the trails are really good...... I went for a long ride for me last night from here (Baldwin), to Reed City, to Cadillac, back through Irons, back home and on that loop the trails rocked!! Mostly because it was during the week --(no one on the trails) but on some of the bridge crossing's etc., I scraped the skegs on bare pavement, so that is the only reason i dropped the rating down from an 8 to a 7,,, but by the looks of the 10 day this is the weekend to come up, Once this little melt off comes it will moisten up the snow a bit and actually help the trails and the sides of the road so you can get farther up the huge plowed banks the plow guys have put up. I had a big cancellation with a snowmobile club so I have a few vacancies for this weekend

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2-2-09 Snow Report

We still have enough snow to have problems like this guy on the right if you get off the trail. Nice meeting you Randy and why are sleds not as light as the use to be. Saturday the trails were reported rough with lots of whups and Moguls on 3 heading out of Baldwin but overall things have been great this year with little to no problems in the way of snirt. Things are getting out of the subzero fog your helmet weather which should bring us some more precipitation. Things should be good for this weekend with nice riding weather.
We have only a couple rooms open for the weekend of 2-6/7-09 so give us a call and see you on the trail.

We are extending our mid-week special into the month of Febuary. Stay 2nights and get the 3rd for free so for a standard double room that would be 103.88 for 3 nights out the door paying tax..That is only good from Sun-Thurs.........

Get outside and enjoy Northern MI