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Thursday, January 21, 2010

1-23-10 Snow Report

Not yet guys but the spring thaw will end

Monday, January 11, 2010

1-11-10 Snow Report

Report By: Mike Baldwin Creek Lodge,
Baldwin Trail Report: DATE: 1-11-10 Monday BASE: 2-6" PAST 24 Hrs: 1-2" CONDITION: Fair to Good

We had a couple inches last night to glaze the roads and put a little extra on the trails. As far as the trails they are nice, There are some parts of the trails that have another foot of snow than others depending how they line up with the cold lake Effect Winds. We are supposed to be getting some sun and 30 degree weather this week but we have enough base to not effect it much. I will keep you posted and how that progresses. The roads around the village can be tight when this happens but if you stay on the trail things are perfect. If you can do it get up here in the next three days the trails will be perfect. We are still running a mid week special buy two nights get the last night free. Sunday-Thursday.

I have a couple rooms open this weekend. Give us a call ----Park from here ride to the trails, why would you drive farther north to see more sleds and less beauty. There is nothing like riding in the National Forest in the winter. If you are into sightseeing ------*--the corridor of back-roads and two tracks around the two national wild and scenic rivers the Pere Marquette and Pine are unbelievable. Come up and I will give you a detailed map of trails and great back roads to come and enjoy our great county, and surrounding north. This is a great, affordable place to start your journey north riding. Why would you trailer farther north. By the time you got there you could already have 50-100 miles on your sled........

See ya on the trail Captain Mike 231-745-4401

1-11-10 Fishing Report

Hi guys the weather is shaping up here for the end of the week into this weekend. I have been convicing a few people to break the cabin fever and come join me for a steel ride. Most have been greated with a picture with a fish or at least a lesson taught by the fish. This has been the best winter fishing we have had around here in quite a while,,,,anyway come up and enjoy the small winter thaw,,,,Get out of the house and get your fix
see ya on the river
Captain Mike

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1-7-09 Trail Report

We have open rooms and great riding upon come see us
we have 2-4 inches of snow on the way

Monday, January 4, 2010

1-4-09 Snow Report

Baldwin Trail Report:
DATE: 1-4-09
BASE: 2"-6" Depending
PAST 24 Hrs: dusting
CONDITION: Fair/Good--Some Places Very Good
Hi guys great weekend had by all!!!!,,,,,Coming up for this next weekend expect less sleds and more snow. Just 10-20 miles west easily ride able too they got 15",,,,you will experience some of it riding 3 south out of Baldwin. Anyway depending how the wind blows and how hard is how lake effect snow goes. We have enough to keep the trails nicely coated and everyone happy. Be ready for a great weekend coming up!!!!

See ya on the trail Captain Mike
231-745-4401 8a.m-10p.m.